Scilly's sole Swimrun team are feeling "quite laid back" about today's event, dubbed one of the toughest races in the world. 

Bryony Lishman and Rob Carrier will join 240 other competitors in the ÖTILLÖ World Championships qualifying race, swimming a total of 7.5k and running 30km.


They will be tied together for the swimming portions after trying it on the recommendation of the ÖTILLÖ organisers. 


Bryony said: "It worked surprisingly well! It means that Rob as the faster and stronger swimmer has to work a bit harder, but that I remain in his slipstream (and don't get left behind!), but still have to swim steadily to keep our pace going. 


"This also saves us both having to keep an eye on where each other is. We'll also be using hand paddles for extra power in the water."


The duo will be untied for the running but must remain within 10 metres of each other to avoid disqualification.


Bryony said: "Usually I'm quite fit for running but have done very little this year, so it's going to be a hard slog for me - again, Rob is faster; but we'll slowly but steadily pick off the miles and are hopeful that we can make the cut-off times. 


"We're fortunate to be on familiar territory and the paths are such a pleasure under foot, as long as we're not too much against the clock we should be able to enjoy just being out in the beautiful island environment. It's a bit hard going running in wetsuits but we've had a decent trial run without too much chafing!"


She added that the pair just plan to enjoy being part of the spectacle "and will look forward to a nice cold beer when we finish!" 


Bryony and husband Nick run Mincarlo guest house, as well as yoga and swimming holidays through Adventure Scilly. Rob is a ranger with the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust.

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