Members of the islands' council have delegated powers to Senior Manager for Strategic Development Diana Mompoloki to set up the Isles of Scilly Energy Enterprise. 

The enterprise is a Community Interest company that will see any income derived from power generated from renewable sources put back into the community.


The company will also aim to deliver the Smart Islands project target of a 20-40% reduction in average electricity bills on the islands.


The Energy Enterprise is described as ‘an arms-length body with the council taking a facilitator role but not having an ownership stake and therefore no direct financial risk’.


The proposed arrangement is similar to Robin Hood Energy set up by Nottingham City Council, which was the first local authority-owned energy company run on a not-for-profit basis since the market was nationalised in 1948.


The initial business plan for the Energy Enterprise will create 2.5 full-time equivalent job roles, which will be grant-funded in year one and funded by revenue in subsequent years.

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