The new manager at Island Carriers has promised that parking at Porthmellon will improve.

There have been a number of complaints made on social media recently, following an appeal from a resident to a councillor requesting that something be done about the parking of vehicles on the hill between Island Carriers and the old school at Carn Thomas.


While the complaint was not restricted to lorries, it was insinuated that they were the main problem.


The complaint went on to say that the road had, in effect, been made into a singe lane.


Jeanette Ware told us that she has spoken to the workforce and they are in agreement that more care is going to be taken over parking.


She added: "If I see a vehicle on that hill I will get it moved immediatey.


"There will be the odd occasion when something may be parked there; a driver might pull up to run in with something and then go again, but vehicles will not be parked there for any length of time."

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