Work will commence on the demolition of the old secondary school at Carn Thomas in October.

The budgeted cost of the works is £860,000, of which £560,000 will come from the housing reserve along with £300,000 from the sale of No.6 Sally Port.


Diana Mompoloki, Senior manager for Strategic Development, told members in her report that the long-term plan was to allow only the minimum amount of open market housing to make the site viable and any receipts from the sale of the site will be recycled into the housing reserve.


She also advised that at the moment there is little in the way of housing grants available from central Government so if the islands were to get any new social housing they would have to make it happen as a council.


Councillor James Francis said he was ‘amazed’ at the cost of demolition but acknowledged the excessive cost of waste removal, which Mrs Mompoloki confirmed was around £300 per tonne.


There is, however, a contingency of over 20% in the demolition budget, which Mrs Mompoloki described as a worst-case scenario in terms of the £860,000.


The contingency is in place owing to uncertainty about what may or indeed may not be found beneath the ground.


Councillor Colin Daly stated that he was against any open market housing on the basis it would end up as a second home and that to say the proposal was solely about the demolition is not exactly the whole truth.


Craig Dryden, Senior Manager for Infrastructure and Planning responded by telling members: “this is absolutely about the demolition and not the future works which will require planning permission.”

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