The Council has passed the proposal to accept the Isles of Scilly Energy Infrastructure Plan, known otherwise as the Smart Islands Project.

The plan was developed by Hitachi Europe Ltd and Challoc Energy Ltd to evaluate the existing energy infrastructure of the islands and propose practical solutions to increase the use of renewable energy sources.


Ted Moulson, the new Chairman of the Transport & Economic Development Committee, having switched roles with new Vice-Chairman Robert Dorrien Smith, was keen to point out that the proposal was to accept the plan but not implement it as everything would come before the relevant committee at the appropriate time.


Diana Mompoloki, Senior Officer for Strategic Development told members that the report shows how best to optimise energy on the islands and provides options to look at it. Furthermore, it is not a technical report for the sole benefit of the Council, rather it is for any individual or business that want to invest in the Isles of Scilly and for the benefit of individual homeowners.


She added that the plan did not commit the council to anything, it simply explains what is feasible and deliverable and many of the projects proposed will not be delivered by the council itself.


Cllr. Avril Mumford expressed concerns she had received from members of the community who were worried about wind turbines popping up all over the islands and she wished it to be communicated better that this decision is merely an acceptance of the plan to which Cllr. Moulson said: "I make no apologies for reiterating what I said at the beginning. The individual items contained within here are options and each option may or may not be implemented and those are decisions for the future which are not being decided now.”


After a bizarre semantic argument on whether to ‘accept’ or 'receive’ the report, it was agreed to accept it by six votes to three with Councillors Bilsborough, Bennett and Daly opposed.

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