Airport landing fees and passenger load supplements have been raised by 3% with immediate effect.

Following a major u-turn by Senior Officers, who proposed a 15% increase in March, Members of the Transport Economic Development & Infrastructure committee accepted a new proposal to raise fees by 3%

In presenting his report, Senior Manager for Infrastructure and Planning, Craig Dryden said that the 20-year investment and replacement plan had been reworked to set a target of contributions to reserves which is relatively low in the early years as most of the major expenditure required occurs in the later years.

He added: "Effectively what you have is a financial model which can be adjusted - the important thing is this is a model to move forward to give us an understanding of where we need to be over that 20-year life cycle."

Councillor Steve Sims expressed concern that the contributions shown in the plan indicated an increase in contributions to reserves of 100% in five years' time and said: “I cannot see how that is going to happen over a five-year period.”

However, all Members voted unanimously to accept the proposal.

Asked prior to the meeting what contingency was in place if targets were not met, Mr Dryden replied: “Any shortfall for projected income would need to be made through increases to Airport fees & charges."

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