Members of the council will make a decision tomorrow evening on whether to adopt the proposed Smart Islands Project.

The Transport and Economic Development committee will vote on the Smart Islands Infrastructure Plan, which could see the erection of up to seven wind turbines, at a meeting to be held in the Wesleyan Chapel at 6.30pm.


Potential sites for the turbines include Middle Carn and the old quarry on Tresco, Mount Todden and Telegraph Hill on St Mary’s, St Agnes Island Hall and St Martin’s fire station.


The plan also offers a long-term affordable solution to waste management on the islands, which currently costs 60% of council tax at £1 million a year, with an anaerobic digester for all organic waste including sewage.


It calls for an extensive rollout of PV panels on social housing, with limited small solar farms in areas with minimal visual impact, as well as the formation of the Isles of Scilly Energy Enterprise, which will offer discounted electricity to local residents and businesses.


Smart Islands aims to reduce energy bills by 20% by 2020 and 40% by 2025 among other objectives.


The scheme, if it works as planned, will make affordable all the islands’ major infrastructure problems, grid constraints, waste, sewerage and water, thereby removing the current housing bottlenecks and making the Isles of Scilly one of the greenest places in the world.

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