Perhaps the main benefit of an island hopping adventure on Scilly is the close proximity of the islands, which allows the maximum time to explore your chosen destination.


From St Mary's there are daily boats every morning to all off-islands, Bryher, St Agnes, St Martin's and Tresco and there will usually be an additional trip to see some of the uninhabited islands and local wildlife as well as trips to the Bishop Rock Lighthouse.  These trips are advertised on the day of travel as sea conditions dictate what options are available to the boatmen.


There are also regular supper boats to St Agnes in the evening as well as pelagic and fishing trips, including shark fishing, and you will find details posted on the notice boards of all hotels and many guesthouses. You can also find details of all boat trips on our news page in the announcements section.


These boats are operated by St Mary's Boatmen's Association who work together to provide a co-ordinated, comprehensive service from St Mary's.


There are independent operators offering a variety of trips from sea safaris to the chance to visit three islands in a day. Details of these services can be found on the notice boards on the quay.


Tresco Boat Services serve the boating needs of Tresco, Bryher and St Martin's, providing a service to St Mary's each day and rotating services to the other islands.


This is a similar practice to St Agnes Boating so do check the notice boards each day. You will also find the scheduled boat times for all these services on our news page.


Should you wish to travel to and from another island at your leisure then there is a water taxi service available and this can be a very cost-effective way for groups to get around.


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