Fly to the Isles of Scilly from Glasgow via Exeter

Flights between Glasgow Airport and Exeter Airport operate Sunday to Friday between 27th March and 28th October.



Inbound Journey:


Flights depart Glasgow Monday to Friday at 10.45am and on Sundays at 3:20pm.



Option 1: Flights departing Monday to Friday at 10:45am arrive in Exeter at 12:20pm. The next Skybus flight departs Exeter at 4:15pm, arriving in St Mary’s at 5:15pm.


Option 2: Flights departing Sundays will require an overnight stay in Exeter. The first Skybus flight on Monday departs Exeter at 10:40am, arriving in St Mary’s at 11:40pm.


Upon arrival at St Mary's there will be transport waiting to take you to your accommodation. If you are travelling to another island the driver will drop you off at the quay to meet your boat.


Alternatively you can book a taxi privately. Details of taxis on St Mary's are in our Services listings.


When the driver drops you off it is advisable to book your return trip to the airport for your day of departure.



Return Journey


Option 1: Return flights from Exeter to Glasgow on Monday to Friday depart at 1.05pm between March and June and at 12:45pm between July and October. In both instances you can book a Skybus flight from St Mary's to Exeter at either 8:55am or 9:55am to make your connection.


Option 2: Return flights from Exeter to Glasgow on Sunday depart at 5.20pm and you will require an overnight stay in Exeter.

The stress-free option

The frequency of flights makes trips to the Isles of Scilly from Glasgow conducive to both long and short breaks.


We believe the best option is to book an overnight stay in Exeter either side of your islands experience.


Make sure you have travel insurance.


Fly from Glasgow and spend the rest of the day exploring Exeter. Have a relaxing evening and come to Scilly the following morning feeling refreshed on the Skybus flight at 10:40am.


Return to Glasgow any day except Monday and stay in Exeter the night before, coming across on Skybus at 14:45. In the event of bad weather or poor visibility you may have an option to transfer to the boat, Scillonian III, which usually leaves St Mary's at 4.30pm and arrives in Penzance at 7:15pm - there are slight variations owing to tides. Transport from Penzance to Exeter can be arranged in advance to ensure you make your flight home the following day.

Exeter Airport (by Jon Mackenzie)
The Salutation Inn, Exeter

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